THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)



Wednesday night dream:

I lived in a hovel with a tall man with dark, stringy hair. Relationship totally platonic but we shared a bed. He was very artsy. His mother looked like Ursula from the Little Mermaid but she was kind and very upset that I was ill. She apologized for crying to me but I told her that my role in our relationship was consoler. She said she made jokes with her son who then appeared, held me close (I was conscious of his stringy hair and his smoky breath) and whispered that he loved me.

Next I was in Jeff Fay's (an old friend) apartment. He was showing a very bizarre German movie on his wall. I walked past but my eyes were riveted to the scene. From there I found myself in a lot where many cars were parked, in particular four 40s vintage Fords. A filmmaker was explaining that he had filmed these four cars over a period of time, watching the sun rise and set and how the light played on the vehicles. I leaned across the hood of a yellow car, embracing the smooth exterior and feeling the heat caused by the sun. Very comforting.

Then I was in a car being driven by Cecilia. We were in France. As we came to a stop Cecilia tapped the car in front of her. The driver began to holler and I, no longer ill, hopped out and began to yell at the man. I had a British accent and kept telling him I would sue. He then proceeded to back up into our car and he pushed it up the hill. Cecilia was still behind the wheel. I continued to yell but then he smiled and gave me his card -- he was a used car salesman.

Finally, I was in a store that sold curtains. I was with Marc and Michelle and I was smoking. I blew the smoke up toward the ceiling and then announced I would go outside to get rid of the nasty cigarette. When I came back I saw a no smoking sign on the door.


Interestingly, Jenny, Lynne AND Cecilia had bizarre dreams/nightmares on Wednesday night, too. I used to have pre-race anxiety dreams...maybe we all had pre-travel anxiety.

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