THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)


Today I remained upright

All things considered, not a bad day today. I've been tentative in every activity -- walking, in particular -- and have accepted help from everyone. It's funny... I feel fine but I lack confidence.

No one is permitted to make me laugh when I'm standing or walking. It's hard to avoid joking since that is our usual standard operating procedure but all I have to do is start to tip and the joking stops. Nobody wants to be responsible for my next fall.

One thing that has been increasingly difficult -- and last night was near to impossible -- is climbing into my bed. It is quite high off the ground. The decision was made today to buy a lower profile bed so off we went to the mattress store. John got the wheelchair out of the trunk, I plopped in and we went toward the ramp, only to discover it had been blocked by a big balloon mattress used for advertising. Needless to say I told the mattress store employees they should reevaluate where they place such things. I was going to offer a suggestion but thought better of it... after all, these people were going to sell me a mattress.

I decided to give myself one more day at home before tackling driving and the office. Despite the fact that I feel fine, I AM a little shaky and I am trying to be cautious; it has been pointed out to me I did suffer a bit of a trauma yesterday. Fortunately dear Mel is very supportive -- I'm very lucky to work where I do with all that is going on.

I took a poll today and everybody I asked was in unanimous agreement: we all hate Louise.

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