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Remember last Sunday I went out to buy a new bed? It was delivered Tuesday. Cecilia got a new bed, too, since she has slept on futons for the last several years. Plunk, plunk, plunk... I do know how to spend money.

Neither of the beds are anything fancy; they are full sized, no-nonsense mattresses with sensible, sturdy frames. I also purchased a headboard for my bed -- again, nothing fancy. Cecilia's box spring is a regular height while mine is low-profile. Actually, as of yesterday, my box spring is the regular height and Cecilia's is low-profile... I hated being so low to the ground so we switched. While it is higher than the lower profile bed, it is close enough to the ground that it is easier for me to get into.

My wonderful, firm-with-a-pillow top-queen-size bed has been moved to the extra bedroom along with John's bureau and side table. This has opened up my bedroom enormously. My house is about 45 years old and the master bedroom is small by today's standards. The smaller bed and the removal of two large pieces of furniture make the room seem almost palatial. It is now much easier -- and safer -- for me to move around in, everybody is happy.

There is also a new, serene quality to this room. Not only are the linens and curtains and headboard all a cool shade of silvery lavender, the bird is gone. Not gone in a final sense, gone to a different part of the house where I don't hear him quite so much. Do not misunderstand -- I love Flapper and love his morning song, his toothbrush song, his shower song, and his "pretty bird" song. What I do not love is the earsplitting shriek he emits when he sees Cecilia. When he sees her, he screams and screams and screams until she comes and says hello. It can be quite nerve-racking. Did you know I had a cockatiel in my room? I'm full of surprises, aren't I? Anyway, the dear bird has relocated and I now have a second serenity room.

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