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Dinner in Paris

When Cecilia and I went to Paris in 2005 we stayed in a little hotel on rue de l'Exposition, near the Eiffel Tower. Across the street was a cute little restaurant, L'Auberge du Champ de Mars. On our last night we dined there and it was one of the best meals I've ever had. I had a Kir Royal to start, foie gras and toast came next, followed by glazed duck with a potato pancake, as well as a lovely bottle of red wine. Crème brûlée was my choice of dessert after which I had a cup of nice, strong coffee.

I returned in January 2007 when Becky, Susan, Rachel and I visited Paris, and again in June 2008 when the girls and I did our crazy three country tour. Each time I got the same thing. The restaurant never changed, nor did my menu choices.

This trip, more than likely my last, I went to this little restaurant again. Jenny, Lynne, and I met some friends from Virginia (and one new friend from Denmark!). Yes, I ordered the same meal. If it ain't broke don't fix it.

I savored every sip of wine and every bite of my food. While eating the foie gras I told everyone assembled that each bite I took reminded me of all the good things, all the good memories I had of my visits to my favorite city in the world. David, our new friend, said it was very Proustian, and recalled the episode with the Madeleine cookie.

When dinner was over David acted as my translator and thanked the proprietress and conveyed to her that this restaurant was my favorite. It turns out she and her husband, the chef, may be embarking on a new enterprise after 25 years; it seems there is more demand for Chinese and Italian restaurants. How unfortunate, but how glad I am I had one last meal at this little gem.

Bon appétit.


lorcan said...


Thanks for your post. I live on rue de l'Exposition but I have never eaten in that restaurant. I'll make sure to try it now, especially the foie gras!

Deb said...

I hope you enjoy it. Madame sings her way from table to table and her husband, the chef, peeks his head through the curtain in the back door to measure the crowd. It's very small and intimate, perfectly delightful.

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