THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)


Cat-ass-trophic Poetry

Apologies in advance.

A visit with friends, a special treat,
we were going out to eat!
Jenny helped me getting dressed,
I wanted so to look my best.
My top was the blue of robins eggs
but what to wear to cover my legs?
Black pants? No, that's all I wear.
But what was this? Did I dare
to wear the skirt combined with shorts
(that are unhappily known as skorts).
Jenny pulled and gave a tug,
she got them up but they were snug.
A change in my personal geography,
the result of suffering from ass-trophy,
which, instead of minimizing
made my butt increase in sizing.
This disease has not been kind
to my rather large behind.
I gave a sigh and put away
the skort, to wear another day.
I donned the pants with a wry smile,
I'll be wearing them for awhile.

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