THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)


Célébration de fiançailles

The happy couple.

The silly couple!

The sillier couple...

The Wallaces: Aunt Judy, Susan, John, Johnny

In seven months, Becky will be a Wallace, too!

Champagne through a straw. So classy.

Dad McGee and his three girls.

Aunts Susan and Wendy.

Matt and his beautiful mom.

Running girls: Jenny and Lynne.

Avec Stephanie...

et Philip...

Beautiful cousins Cecilia and Rachel.

Uncle Mike and I are not looking at the camera. Deep discussion. Wendy looks gorgeous.

Ryan and Wayne...

Elizabeth (and Rileigh!)



Sylvia said...

Debbie--I hate to break the news to you. YOU ARE NOW CONSIDERED A NATIVE NEW YORKER.

New Yorkers drink just about everything though a straw.--even hot coffee.

It was a great party--they kids are beautiful and you are gorgeous.

nursemyra said...

you have a lovely family

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