THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)


Whole lotta somethin' goin' on

At the point where (I perceive) my throat, the back of my tongue, and my right ear meet, it starts. A sensation, not quite a tickle, almost like a silent buzz, the merest pinprick, alerts me and gives me two or three seconds to prepare. I grab my ever present WFH and bring it to my face just in time for the first cough, the first of several, after which -- having coughed every last breath out of my body -- I yawn, then gag; the back of my tongue positions itself in such a way that it creates a suction and attempts to draw out all that is vile from that region, which I am forced to try to expel in a very unladylike manner. Eyes and nose, not content to sit idly by, join in the fun by watering and running, respectively. More WsFH join the fray. Thank heaven I have an abundance of these as the unpleasantness described above occurred a number of times the past few days.


I don't think it is (yuck) saliva, it may be (more yuck) a drip so I am taking a decongestant. If it IS (yuck) saliva, I wonder if additional amitriptyline is warranted. Time for another phone call to the clinic.

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