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Take a load off

 You know the saying "moderation in all things," I'm sure.  Sadly, I am guilty of being immoderate in many ways -- laughing, crying, posting about my bathroom activity -- and now I must confess to one more activity in which I overindulge: sitting. At any time, you will come upon me sitting, whether it be on the potty, the shower chair, the rollater, in the dining room or kitchen, in a wheelchair, but most often in  my lift recliner.

Sitting is no longer something I do to rest after being busy on my feet all day. Sitting is something I do because it's all I can do. Well, I guess I could lie down, but there are issues with lying down that will be discussed at some other time. Back to sitting.

I have always been prone to some mild sciatica, only bothersome after periods of prolonged sitting. Always on the left side, the discomfort starts in the lower back and travels down to my toes.  Shifting my position used to help, my arms and legs, bottom and torso all working together to alleviate the pain. These days I rely primarily on my left leg to reposition itself to reduce pressure; HOWEVER; this movement results in the rest of my body shifting position just enough to become problematic. My right cheek moves slightly forward, resulting in my upper body sliding minutely down which leaves my head just below where it is comfortable on the headrest. I can endure this for only so long before I require readjustment.

To make matters worse, the fabric covering the lift recliner has begun to feel like the bristly side of a scrub brush -- especially the headrest and right armrest. Solution: cover the chair. A silver satin sheet adorns the headrest and back (very soft and cool as well as visually pleasing) and a thick pink face towel is draped over the armrest. Combined with the pillows (yes, plural) on the footrest, these accents transform the uncomfortable, overused chair into a thing of, uh, not beauty, more like a thing of trailer park.

Eat your hearts out.  Immoderately.

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