THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)


Wednesday's Child*...

 ... found herself on the floor TWO TIMES yesterday. The first fall occurred en route to the bathroom (that damn bathroom) -- the right foot fell short of expectations and created rather a mess (no, not that kind of a mess, thank goodness!). Fortunately caregiver Janet, holding tight, minimized the impact and heroically hoisted WC onto the upholstered bench. After several minutes WC decided to return to her chair. Janet readied herself and lifted but  WC had other ideas and fell forward onto her knees. Poor Janet managed to keep WC's upper body upright and, through herculean effort, helped WC crawl to the chair where, in the manner of a devout penitent, she rested. Recognizing that WC was not in optimum lifting position, reinforcements were called. Andrew from across the street provided the extra muscle necessary to lift the dead weight from her kneeling position and help her into her trailer park chair.

 It was rather an ALS-y day.

*I was, in fact, born on a Wednesday.

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nursemyra said...

I was born on a Saturday....

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