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10-01-10 Clinic

Let's have a look at my PLM avatar, shall we? 
Remember all those pretty greens and yellows? They are no more. Notice, too, the bi-pap and wheelchair symbols. These are relatively new additions. Because I identified my first symptoms as far back as October 2006, I am now a member of the 4-year club.

Okay, enough of that. I will not give you a blow by blow of today's clinic but I will give you the highlights: my neurologist signed my DNR; I was fitted for my very own power wheelchair; a request is being made of the loan closet for an all electric hospital bed, a rolling shower chair, and an electric Hoyer lift. When the hospital bed is delivered I have decided to move down stairs into the serenity room, necessitating the acquisition of a portable/temporary shower. I will also need to find a gadget that will enhance my cell phone reception; the only way I can talk when I'm downstairs is if I stand next to a window and even that is sketchy.

Bi-pap update: I used it very successfully for about 45 minutes last night, and another 35 or 40 minutes tonight. Still undecided. It does make one look very glamorous, but looking glamorous has never been important to moi.

 As Rula Lenska used to say, "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful."

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