THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)



It was like old times. A beautiful October afternoon at Pratt Park; warm in the sun but  quite cool in the  shade. A breeze blowing in our faces and hair as we made our way around the track, talking, trying not to run each other off the course. This time, however, when we stopped it was not to tie a shoe lace or refill the water bottle, it was so Lynne or Cathy could remove a pesky bug from my face. During the walk breaks I slowed down to match their pace, otherwise I kept my wheelchair in fifth gear to try to keep up. The two of them gave me such a gift today. I will never forget it.

Next weekend -- weather permitting -- many of the women I used to run with will meet me in Colonial Beach, put me in a roadworthy wheelchair, and  push me along as they run. They realize pushing me  in a chair is no easy undertaking -- it's not like I'm a baby in a jogging stroller! We chose Colonial Beach because it is flat. Jannette came up with the idea early in the summer but the blistering heat prevented putting the plan into action. Fall's cooler days are much better for running, especially if you are pushing a large land m-ass in front of you.

I am blessed with good friends.

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Wendy Leah said...

Very nice. You do have very good friends. They also have a good friend in you.

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