THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)


My practical progeny

 Dear daughter Jenny comes by every morning to help get my day started. Most mornings she brings breakfast -- sometimes a bagel, sometimes a breakfast sandwich -- accompanied by a fruit and a cup of coffee.  She patiently feeds me while she enjoys her own breakfast, and we have a lovely little chat.

If you know Jenny, you know she has a razor-sharp sense of humor and is usually five steps ahead of anyone in a conversation. Trying to eat when Jenny is "on" is very difficult; trying to talk, laugh,  and eat is almost impossible. Under these circumstances I am very  hard to understand, but Jenny says I'm not  to worry -- she makes all her friends talk with their mouths full so she can better interpret my garbled speech.

That's my girl.


Tori said...

McGee humor at it's best. I really did laugh out loud at that story. Mid-Day pick me up :)

nursemyra said...

a chip off the old block?

Jen said...

and the drunker the friend, the better the practice.

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