THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)


Sweet repose and rest?

 Almost every morning I wake up when I hear Cecilia getting ready for school. I float in and out of a light sleep until she slams the door on her way out. Most mornings, but not this morning.

There was quite a bit of noise coming from Cecilia's bathroom and I was afraid a meltdown was in the offing. When the door shut I was convinced I heard crying, but it was hard to tell due to the racket made by the traffic outside. After a few moments I realized the crying was actually John snoring in the other room. I breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed, ready to return to dreamland. No such luck. There was now a garbage truck on the street and the smell of old garbage wafted through my open window and assaulted my olfactory sense. When Cecilia finally emerged from the bathroom I called to her to please close my window. She did, then slammed the front door and went to school. 

Once again I attempted to fall asleep. No more odors, no worries about meltdowns.  Peace. Until I became aware of a high pitched buzzing near my right ear. I turned my head to the right only to hear  the buzzing on the left. I turned left and -- you guessed it -- the damn thing was on the right.  No longer able to lift my arms to that level and terrified the buzzing thing was also a stinging thing, I rocked my head back and forth several times hoping it would go away. Either it went away or I killed it because the buzzing finally stopped.

About this time I noticed the beginnings of a cough tickling my throat, and cough I did.  (I hope it was not the buzzing stinging thing!) No sooner did I finish THAT than my eyes started to sting and burn; this happens frequently with no provocation. I squinted my eyes as tight as I could but found no relief. To add insult to injury, my bladder complained that, if I was awake, it needed to be emptied. Unable to turn and see the bedside clock, I had no idea what time it was or how long I'd have to wait until Jenny arrived.  Happily, I did not have to wait long. The poor dear went right into action,  quickly tending to my various needs. She deserves a medal.

Loss of functionality sucks.

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