THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)


Just call me Ruby Goldberg

Well, it seems that Wall-E is inadequate in his  new role; in this case size does matter. His childlike bristles do not meet the needs of my adult sized teeth.

So what to do? All of the grown-up toothbrushes are sleek and smooth. I pondered and pondered (for all of 15 seconds) when it came to me: blue foam tubing. Just as with my car key and my silverware,  blue  foam tubing would solve the problem.

Dear Jenny cut two lengths of tubing and cut along the length of each; she then placed each piece on either side of the Crest toothbrush, securing them top and bottom with elastics.

Once again, I present to you the product of my creative (if warped) imagination:
 Sometimes I amaze myself.

(Looks to me like it's time to buy new bristles.)


Stettler said...

I think you just like collecting toothbrushes.

Deb said...

Indeed I do.

tcutraveler said...

This could sell on the home shopping network!

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