THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)


À bientôt

Reference the previous post: short and sweet = cake and cards. More of a fuss than I wanted but not over the top. The sentiments in the cards did bring tears to my eyes but I managed to keep them to a minimum. I looked around at the group assembled and wished for the millionth time I did not have to leave.

Another surprise came in the form of a group from across the hall. Several employees from the Institute for Justice walked over to say goodbye, bringing with them a bag full of books, movies, and notes collected from various members of their staff. The notes brought more tears as well as some smiles. The kindness and thoughtfulness exhibited by these people is really something; we don't work together... my relationship with many of them is based on waving and smiling in the hallway along with the occasional chat in the hallway or bathroom.

So. No more commute. No more struggling to park in the garage, or asking my coworkers for help with my food/coffee/pills/laptop/more food/rides to PT and on and on. I am grateful I'll still be involved until my job duties are absorbed by my replacement, to quit cold turkey would be harder than when I quit smoking.

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