THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)


Breakup number two

Well, it had to happen. I broke up with Mike today. We both knew it was coming but when the day actually arrived we couldn't believe it. Oh, that sounds SO dramatic, doesn't it? After all, one does not break up with one's physical therapist, does one? But Mike was more than a physical therapist, he really was -- is -- a friend.

He told me that, even though he is not supposed to have favorite patients, I was his favorite. I told him that it had always been my goal to be his favorite because I am so competitive. In all seriousness, however, he is a remarkable person with a heart and a spirit and a compassion that are as therapeutic as his PT acumen.

And he is as funny as hell. I cannot count the times over the last two years I found myself laughing so hard it was difficult to catch my breath. Talk about therapy.

When I identify a new physical therapist near home, Mike is going to reach out and give them my history. No one, though, will ever be like Mike.

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