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My busy life

I've not posted for a few days due to a whirlwind of activity.

When I decided May 15 would be my last day of employment, my friend Tam e-mailed me with an invitation to lunch on May 20. The destination was the Inn at Kelly's Ford, which is out in the middle of nowhere (Remington Virginia) and is an equestrian center/bed and breakfast/banquet facility. It's really lovely. The dining facility is not open for lunch so we ate at Pelham's Pub.

In order to get to the pub I was transported via golf cart. The driver asked if I wanted to take the scenic route. I'm glad I said yes because the grounds are beautiful, very picturesque and serene. The terrain was rather bumpy and our driver, securely holding his steering wheel, took the bumps and the curves a little faster than I considered prudent. Thank heaven Tam was holding onto me because I'm sure I would have been thrown when we went over a few of the bigger bumps. I felt very vulnerable.

We arrived at the pub in one piece and sat out on the patio. It was a beautiful day, the first time the sun had made an appearance in several days. We looked out over the lake and the woods, the rolling hills, and caught sight of geese and a few horses -- all very pastoral.

For lunch I ordered a mushroom Swiss burger and a cup of potato and leek soup. The soup was homemade and incredibly tasty and I was able to enjoy it because Tam held the spoon and, later, the cup. The burger was one of the best I've had. Tam ordered the soup and a crabcake sandwich. While we were eating I was stung by a bee -- fortunately I am not allergic and, after I put ice on it, I was fine. Naturally we ordered dessert, some very delicious profiteroles. The pastry was perfectly fluffy and delicate, very much like the profiteroles I've had overseas.

After we got home I was exhausted from the day's excitement and took a 90 minute nap. There are some advantages to being retired.

Years ago I heard from a friend about the curative powers of bee stings on arthritis. That night I dreamt I was stung and it cured my ALS. I was heartbroken when I woke up.

Friday I had another lunch date, this time with my darling Adam. He drove all the way from Hyattsville to take me out. He called me from the road just after he passed the mixing bowl and wondered how the traffic was on the HOV. My trusty MacBook and I went to the traffic cameras site to guide him and, since we're totally ridiculous, I tried to track his progress from camera to camera. On several occasions I actually did see his Ford Explorer as it went by. We are so dumb.

I don't remember what time he arrived -- I think it was just before 1 PM. His car is higher than I anticipated and I had trouble getting in to the passenger seat. John brought out a footstool which helped a little, but I still had difficulty. No nonsense Adam took matters into his own hands -- literally. He bent over and, as I was leaning against the seat, lifted my legs and put them in the car. I was laughing so hard I couldn't speak. He pushed my butt into place and buckled my seatbelt. Satisfied with his efforts, he put the footstool in the car next to the wheelchair and away we went.

When we got to downtown Fredericksburg, Adam parked and got out the chair. Exiting the vehicle was much easier than entering -- I just had to slide my legs around and slip onto the curb. I settled myself into the wheelchair and we went toward the restaurant I had selected. Which was closed. Fortunately I had a backup plan so we crossed the street and went to the restaurant where I had enjoyed my Mother's Day lunch. There was a lovely young woman sitting at the bar reading a newspaper and I asked her if she would like to join us. It was Jenny. She had stopped to have lunch and visit her best friend who works at the restaurant. Jenny's presence solved a potential problem as I was determined not to ask dear Adam to help me in the bathroom. As it turned out it was not even an issue, but it was nice to have Jenny nearby just in case.

After lunch (Bellinis and pâté and salad; I was ably assisted by Jenny) we headed back to the car where Adam repeated his grand feat of strength, once again rendering me speechless and breathless.

Considering the age difference (20 years) and the vast differences in our lifestyles, I am often amazed at our friendship. There is a connection we share, however, that doesn't care about such unimportant things. He is truly a bright spot in my life.

Last night I dreamt again. This time I was aware that I had ALS but I could still run. I did not run for long in my dream but enough that I was able to remember it. Once again, I woke up and was sad. I wonder if I will ever get over that.

Today -- Saturday -- is quiet. It's going to rain so it is overcast and a little cool outside. Perfect conditions for an afternoon nap. I wonder if I will dream.

Sunday I am going with my sister to Winchester. We will visit our mother's grave and have lunch, then come back to Fredericksburg for a little visit. I hope the weather cooperates.


Still waiting for the bidet toilet seats. My impatience is as finely tuned as ever.

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Wendy Leah said...

Looking forward to a great day tomorrow Deb.

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