THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)


I'm such a doll

When Becky was a little girl she played with Barbies -- she really played with Barbies. She had rather a collection and would dress them up, arrange them all around the family room and play and play. She had a little bit of a speech impediment at this stage (six or seven years old) and when she said "Barbie" it sounded more like "Bowbie." Speech therapy and maturity corrected her pronunciation and, as happens with all little girls, the Barbies lost their appeal.

When Cecilia discovered the dolls she played with them, too. Instead of dressing them up, however, she removed all their clothes as well as their heads. The family room was littered with naked, decapitated Barbies. Fortunately, Pokémon entered the scene and we were able to remove all traces of Barbie carnage.

I am bringing this up because I'm not able to dress myself anymore. I feel like a Becky-era Bowbie -- a fat, ALS Bowbie.

The anecdote about Cecilia is just plain funny. At least it is funny to me. I had to turn my microphone off a couple times while I was dictating because I was laughing so hard at the recollection.


Wendy Leah said...

You are a doll! Debbie Doll... remember?

Deb said...

Yes, I do remember. That brought a smile to my face...

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