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The government in action

It's raining and it's cold and I forgot the file so we had to turn around. We left the house one minute before the appointment was due to start so I called to tell them I was running late and got put on perpetual hold. I was on hold the entire drive down I-95 and was still on hold at the light to turn into the office park. Just before the light changed a call came in from Social Security asking where I was so I told them I would be there in two minutes and rang off. A moment later another call came from Social Security... I was still on hold and had never terminated the call.

Once inside I met with a Very Nice Young Woman who recently celebrated one year with Social Security. Before we got started I made sure to stress that my illness qualifies me for "fast-track" processing because I have what is called a "presumptive disability." VNYW told me presumptive disabilities only apply to SSI/welfare claims. She did not use the phrase "fast-track" but did use the word "expedite." I elected to smile and nod and follow up with Ellen after-the-fact because I did not want to piss off a bureaucrat who held my application in her hands. I answered every question and provided hard copy documentation which VNYW reviewed and included in my file. At the conclusion of our interview VNYW explained the very soonest I would get a check would be December 2010 because it would take five months IF I am approved and that I would not receive any benefit for May or any of the months that pass while I am waiting. This was contrary to what I had been told and I questioned her. VNYW patiently explained that I had heard incorrectly. Once again, rather than anger Mme. Bureaucrat, I nodded in understanding. We parted amicably and I told her I would call in the next several weeks to inquire after the status of my claim.

When I got in the car I immediately called Ellen and told her the whole. She is going to call VNYW in a day or so and ensure my application is being processed properly. Ellen assures me I will in fact be paid from the date of my disability (today) and that I do indeed have a presumptive disability. It's a lot of red tape and I'm very pleased Ellen is acting as my advocate in this matter. I was so tired when I left I could barely eat a bonbon.


Wendy Leah said...

Yay for Ellen - she will make those idiots get it right.

birdie said...

aaha! caught you eating a bonbon!

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