THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)


Un autre dimanche

Lynne will be here in an hour. My suitcase is ready. No, no wonderful getaway -- the suitcase is empty. We are going to my office to pack all my personal belongings to bring back home. I decided a suitcase was more efficient because, in addition to various papers, pictures, cards and the like, there are shoes and scarves and my big faux leopard coat. Thinking about it now, I wonder if the suitcase will be big enough.

Most importantly I need to bring home all my little treasures, petits objets d'art received as gifts over the years. These beauties will be placed strategically around the serenity room, making it even more inviting.

Later today, Jenny and Becky are going to assist in gathering all the paperwork I will need for tomorrow morning's appointment at the Social Security office.

I have rather a full day, don't you think?

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