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Where there's a will, there is a way.

No one was around this morning and I was determined to get clean. Bath gloves are the most effective so I decided to try to put one on my left hand. I got the first three fingers into the wrist area without any problem. I struggled trying to get the pinky similarly placed; using the inadequate forefinger of my right hand didn't help, if I got the pinky in then the left forefinger popped out. My teeth came to the rescue and, after several attempts, I managed to get all five fingers into the palm area of the glove. Now to get the fingers into their assigned spaces. My teeth were less effective here. What finally answered was placing the empty glove fingers against the edge of the sink, holding them in place with the heel of the right hand (which had, until now, just been a disinterested observer), wiggling the left fingers into the appropriate spot, then tugging down with my teeth. The entire process took 12 minutes.

Having accomplished the "gloving" I was able to perform my morning ablutions very satisfactorily. When I was finished, I looked like this:

All in all, a good experience.

(Note: that is not my sink, those are not my bath gloves, and those are not my teeth.)

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