THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)



Yesterday evening, during a cookout with neighbors, the mosquitoes were plaguing everyone something fierce. The neighbors' youngest son was a prime target; his little legs were covered with bites. One person, however, remained unmolested. A solitary mosquito landed on her right arm but did not bite. She looked on calmly as her neighbors swatted and smacked themselves, wondering why she was not an object of mosquito desire.

She took the last sip of her drink and had a thought -- perhaps the mosquitoes were not attracted to her because they did not like the way she tasted. Tonic water is the beverage of choice most days because it alleviates leg cramps AND the bubbles make it easier to swallow. And what is in tonic water? Quinine, of course. Bitter, bitter quinine.

After very thorough and exhaustive scientific research (via Google using the search terms "tonic water" and "mosquito") she was satisfied her theory was correct; after all, other people reported similar un-mosquito-y experiences.

Tonic water benefit number three: mosquito repellent.

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