THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)


No fair

On Monday night a beautiful young woman lost her life in a tragic accident. The boat she was in hit a channel marker and she was thrown from the boat and drowned. The other people on the boat, including her fiancé, were hurt, some critically.

The young woman was a friend of Becky's. I met her at the cornhole tournament that Becky hosted last month, she was one of the winning team. Outgoing, friendly, beautiful, bubbling with life and excited about her upcoming wedding, this young woman had a spirit that matched her lovely smile. And in a flash, an ugly twist of fate, she's gone.

I don't know why her death is haunting me so. In the last several years I've known quite a few people who died, almost all of them from this idiot disease and, while it is troubling it is not unexpected. For someone to be taken away so soon, so horribly, someone who had so much life, so much promise... it's just not fair. Not fair at all.

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