THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)



Amitriptyline. My newest drug. I take it to minimize the overproduction of saliva (gross) which may have contributed to my recent (last Friday, July 2) ghastly sick day (which I did not publicly document because of its grossness).

I was SO sick. I don't remember the last time I was in such bad shape but I'm sure immoderate consumption of some alcoholic beverage was the cause. Not so this time. Post-ghastly sickness analysis and research brought me to this conclusion: excess saliva (yuck) may become thickish and phlegmy (this is making my stomach unhappy) which, since I am unable to expel this grossness, causes me to gag. Which was 80% of my problem the Friday before last. I also read that some ALS patients use amitriptyline to control saliva, so I took a dose that evening. My mouth was unbelievably dry when I woke up the next morning BUT not once did I have the throat tickle that always made me cough, choke, then gag. And today, 10 days later, I am still dry mouthed and tickle free.


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