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Van Go

With any luck I will be in possession of a new (translated used) Ford van by the weekend or early next week. The wheelchair lift (already installed) will allow me to go about in my power chair which is infinitely more comfortable than the transport chair.

I found the vehicle on the Richmond Craigslist. The owner's son kindly sent me the vehicle ID number so I could get a Carfax report from my friend at the local Honda dealership; it came back clean so I sent my future son-in-law (I love saying that) over to do the due diligence. John is very knowledgeable about all things mechanical and his follow-up report was incredibly thorough; he concluded the vehicle was roadworthy so I made an offer.

I am poorer by many thousands of dollars but this is one of those big-ticket items that must be purchased in order to maintain a reasonable quality of life. Getting in and out of a car is close to impossible anymore and, unlike the power chair, the transport chair does not let me elevate my legs. If you've ever had the misfortune to see my legs and feet after a period of un-elevation, you know why this is an issue.

There are two rows of seats behind where the wheelchair locks in, plenty of room for everyone. This may become the official party van. If so, it will have to be properly decorated. What you think of these?
Isn't this breathtaking? I knew the moment I saw the horse running by the water it was perfect. (If I select this one, I will have to change the name to Louise.)

(This will have to do until I can master the latest and greatest in Word Art. Apologies.)

I think the palm trees, the setting sun, and the purple water are so lifelike, so exactly how every sunset at the beach lives in my memory...

This one is almost perfect, except you will only see MY straw poking out of a bottle of Corona light, not extra. Unless, of course, there is no light to be had. Under those circumstances, one's only recourse is to suffer through a bottle of extra...or an extra bottle.

So many options, such a difficult decision. Maybe I will get all three; much like people who have multiple tattoos, I will have multiple airbrushes. I will be the envy of everyone.

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