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What I've been doing

I don't believe that every little humdrum thing I do is of interest -- unless it involves my bathroom, of course -- so I've been uncharacteristically silent this last week. I've been busy, though, as you'll see.

Monday brought my new caregiver, Janet. She is scheduled to come every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 5 PM to 10 PM. What a difference it makes having someone here; I've already made the call requesting Tuesdays and Thursdays as well, as Rose will be working mornings for the time being.

Janet and I -- okay, Janet -- cleaned out my dresser drawers and a couple of small cupboards. We are going to go room by room, drawer by drawer, box by box cleaning and organizing all my "stuff." I want everything in order, then I will sit back and relax and enjoy my retirement. We are making a good start.

Tuesday and Thursday my goddaughter, Theresa, came by and read to me. She is a dear girl and enjoys biographies so we've been reading a book about Eleanor Roosevelt. I don't know if, when I was 13 years old, I would have been much inclined to spend time reading to an old next-door neighbor. Theresa has a kind and loving heart and I am so very grateful that she is willing to visit.

Wednesday morning my "money guy" and I went to see my lawyer about tweaking my will, adding a letter of instruction, and making my medical directive more specific. Art (the money guy) is accustomed to preparing letters of instruction such as I want so he will prepare a draft and work in concert with my lawyer. This is one more of those details I want to have in order so I can check it off the list and relax.

In addition to Theresa's visit, I spent some time Thursday contacting a company that deals specifically with mobility vehicles. Trying to find a wheelchair accessible van on my own through private owners was turning into a stupid headache. I've got the money worked out and hope to have a vehicle delivered next week. Finally. (Have I said that before? I hope this time is the last time.)

Friday was a day out with the girls! Five of the women I used to run with and I went out to lunch together. We drank sangria and had good food (and dessert) and caught up. As I looked around the table I saw the faces of women who inspired me, challenged me, and taught me. Such good women, and I am lucky to know them.

I also spent time finalizing the details for this Sunday's engagement party in honor of Becky and John. Menu, cake, flowers, etc. I'm looking forward to Sunday.

That's that. Better to be silent... isn't that right?

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