THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)


Note to self

Remember your legs are getting weaker, particularly the right leg. Whenever possible, enlist the aid of someone else in the house when attempting to stand, especially when attempting to stand in the bathroom.

Jenny came by on her way to the beach; she dropped off Stella and helped me with a few things including washing my face. I sat on the toilet (pants up), not facing forward but toward the right so Jenny could more easily reach my face. Washed and dried and moisturized, I moved to stand up but because of my odd positioning my right leg was called on to bear an inordinate amount of my girth and, consequently, collapsed. Fortunately Jenny was nearby and acted quickly, getting me into a sitting position which I was able to maintain while she called her dad to do the heavy lifting. The load was lifted and safely ensconced in the bedsit, end of story.

The remainder of the day I was forced to ask for help whenever I had to stand. I do hope the installation of the Toilevator will eliminate the need for constant attendance and assistance. Believe me, I would be most grateful for additional independence days.

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