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Doing the math

I called my good buddy at the Honda dealership today to ask about purchasing a used van from their inventory, and also inquired about modifications to same. He advised that Honda has a mobility reimbursement program, but only for newly purchased or leased vehicles. He asked if I would ever consider leasing; the payments over the term of the lease would be roughly equivalent to the amount I would spend on a lower end used vehicle.

Leasing a vehicle had never crossed my mind. It makes sense to do so, however, so I think that is the direction I will go.

What do you think?


Jane said...

In the UK, we have a "Motability" scheme where you lease your vehicle for three years at a time. It was a fantastic scheme and we leased our vehicles for nearly 18 years, changing the car as the needs of our growing family and Richard's disability demanded. I would definitely recommend leasing any day, all our expenses were covered within the lease payments (except punctures)and since Richard's death from ALS, I have had to buy my own vehicle and the unexpected costs of things that go wrong have come as a real shock to me!

Go for it!

Deb said...

Thank you, Jane. I wish we had a similar scheme here. Since writing this entry I've discovered the cost of modification makes a lease -- at least from Honda -- cost prohibitive. I'm back to square one, again!

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