THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)



At long last my other long-term care insurance has been approved. Now it is up to me to find a provider.

The insurance company sent me a list of potential providers in my area. I called three of them today. There are several others I will call on Monday.

Of the three I called today, two were unexceptional and are on the "to be considered" list. The third, however, left me cold, to wit:

(Phone rings.) "Hello? Hello?"

"Hello? Is this (insert providers name)?"

"Yeah. Hey, can I call you back?"

"Um, sure, okay."

(Phone rings.) "Hello."

"Hi, sorry about that, I had forwarded the phone to my cell phone and I couldn't tell if you were my family."

"I'm a little concerned about your lack of professionalism. I wonder if that translates into the service you provide."

"No, we are professional. I just couldn't tell who was calling."

"I have ALS and I am looking for a home health aide."

"Is this Medicare or will you be paying cash?"

"I have long-term care insurance. Tell me, do you care for other ALS patients?"

"Oh yeah, sure, we have other LAS patients."

"Well, I have ALS. You know, you're not inspiring any confidence. I think it's best if I just go."

"Oh, okay."

Maybe I am too quick to judge, but first impressions are important -- particularly in this sort of situation. And, as my daughters will tell you, I have fairly high customer service expectations.

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Sylvia said...

Don't drop the customer service standard. You deserve the highest level of care. Hang in there--you are my inspiration. Sylvia

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