THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)



At the end of April -- almost 3 months ago -- I submitted paperwork for the long-term care insurance policy I have with UNUM. At this writing I still have yet to be approved for benefits. Why? Because they have not yet received the medical records from the ALS clinic. The UNUM representative I spoke with told me SHE was told the records were mailed on June 21 but still hadn't been received, and her follow-up phone calls have not been returned. When I was at the clinic June 28 I paid for and got a copy of my records which Lynne faxed to UNUM several days later. I was told they never received the fax. I made a couple follow-up phone calls of my own and have not received any satisfactory response.

I'm totally fed up and angry. But for this one glitch I would be able to engage additional help during the week; by this time my elimination period would almost be over. It is highly irritating.

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