THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)



I've been keeping a record of the distances I've covered since I got back on track. Since June 22 I have covered 31.1 miles--equivalent to a 50k--walking and wogging. I don't know why, but keeping a tally provides me a little bit of comfort.

During my high intensity running days, I used to keep a spreadsheet called "Freakout Mileage," so called because my friend Adam and I were worried we weren't training enough for our multiple marathons. It wasn't unusual then to do upwards of 35-40 miles in a week; add to that the biking and rowing and occasional "twofer" runs. I was obsessive about recording the mileage per day, per week, per month, per year, and per pair of shoes. Yeah. Way, WAY over the top.

My new spreadsheet is less comprehensive. Date, distance, and whether it was a walk or a wog is all that I record. Milestones--like achieving 31 miles--bring me a gentle pleasure and sense of accomplishment, but there is no goal to do better, go further in less time, etc. It's enough to have done it at all.

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