THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)


Lou Gehrig's co-worker's grandson

I went for a nice walk tonight -- 3.4 miles. The weather this July is unusually temperate and walking is a joy.

When I left the YMCA I remembered I had to get gas. Cecilia was not with me, so I called Jenny. She was already at her house, too far for her to come help me. I decided to rely on the kindness of strangers at the gas station.

I pulled up next to a pump and opened the little gas cap door, then I began my search. After a short moment a man came out of the Wawa and headed toward his car. I pounced. He very kindly agreed to pump the gas for me. He told me that, earlier in the day, someone had lent him some assistance, and this was his opportunity to pay it forward. I explained that ordinarily I had help, but not this evening. I also told him I had Lou Gehrig's disease, which he knew about. As it turns out, his grandfather used to work with Lou Gehrig at the New York City parole office, where he went to work after leaving the Yankees. This man, Tom Brodkin, always thought it was cool his grandfather had had this connection.

There was a reason I went to the gas station by myself tonight.

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Mykljak said...

I can't believe you fell for that tired old pick-up routine.

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