THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)



I am so tired.

Up at 5:15, out the door at 6. Work by 7, hustled like a mad fool until my 10AM meeting. Left at 12 for home to pick up Tracy and Jordyn, then off to Mt. Vernon. Great visit, but hot and LOTS of walking. Worth every step, though, to see how much Tracy enjoyed it. Left there at 6PM for Wendy's, got there before 7. Left THERE at 7:15 and was home by 8:40. Grabbed C Claire and headed to the gas station, then the ever-nutritious McD's for C's dinner. In the door at 9.

My back is super-sore, my arms are tired, and I drove over 200 miles today.

Tomorrow I take C and a friend to a concert in DC and likely won't be home until late.

Wednesday and Thursday I have other after work commitments.

Don't I realize I have ALS?

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