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One thing and maybe another

Okay. Today was much better from an arm and hand perspective. I stretched quite a bit before falling asleep last night and as I woke up this morning. The drive to work has minimal turns and my arms and hands felt pretty much normal all day. The ride home was likewise uneventful and not fatiguing.

I want to record something today just in case it ends up being significant: the past three or so mornings I have noticed an unusual sensation when I exhale through my nose while lying flat on my back. It is as though a flap is closing, making it difficult to exhale. I can exhale through my mouth, I can exhale through my nose if I am on my side, sitting, standing, just so long as I am not flat on my back. From what I have read online, this seems to be something also experienced by other PALS. Apparently it is a weakening of the soft palate. There are devices available that can help, but finding one that is comfortable is a challenge.

Aren't these hideous looking? I googled "palatal lift" and this is what I found. The one on top looks fairly obscene, I can't imagine anyone even putting that in their mouth, no matter how lazy the palate! I think I might actually have seen something very similar to these in The Clink and the Kriminalmuseum.

It may be better just to sleep on my side.

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"Ve haf vays of making you talk ..."

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