THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)



In an attempt to be proactive and "avoid the near occasion of falling," I have added a shower chair to my bathroom. I'm still getting used to it; the getting in and out part needs to be refined, but the sitting part is working very nicely. AND an added bonus is the chair back, over which I put a towel, soap it up, and then wriggle against it with my back! No more having to bother Miss C Claire with a task I know she hates. Touching me is bad enough, washing my back takes an incredible amount of fortitude on her part. I would try to be sensitive and cover everything but the area needing the scrub, sort of like I was preparing the area for surgery. Hopefully it will be a long while before we have to go THERE again.

Washing my hair is a new, happy experience as I am able to support my elbows on my legs as I bend my head over--eliminating the need to raise my arms over my head. My new bath gloves are VERY effective (once I get them on, which, admittedly, takes some time). Even with the gloves, however, I am having a harder time washing my neck because I can't get my hands and arms up that high in that position. Where the gloves come in handy is when I soap up the back of my hand--it gives me a little better flexibility.

Another change I'm loving is the new lever-style shower faucet handles. We've had knobs up until now and they were becoming impossible to turn. No more--now turning the water on is easy peasy lemon squeezy.

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Mykljak said...

You paint an alluring picture.

Be careful in there. As a wise man once observed, "bathrooms are basically killing chambers, nothing but slick wet tile and sharp ceramic and metal corners."

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