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One-fifth of a 50K

I've not been able to get out to walk much lately and so I determined to this morning. To beat the heat, I planned on being at the park by 630AM. The blueberry lagers from the day before, however, didn't want to start until 7. I acquiesced.

It was my intention to do six laps (6.6 miles) at a brisk pace. After the first quarter lap I decided to pick it up a little, so I ran. I ran quite a bit. I walked when it was uphillish or when I was facing the sun, but I ran more than I walked. After I'd completed the fifth lap I started feeling fatigued, so I took the pace down and did a bit more walking. The running, however, still won out.

It was definitely the best 6.6 miles I've done in ages.

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Mykljak said...

Since when is running in circles something to be proud of?

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