THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)



I am sitting in my lovely serenity room. My fresh manicure is pink and fabulous, the house is quiet, and it's a beautiful day. I love days like this.

The Hartwood 10 mile race was this morning; all the usual suspects were there. The race started at 7 AM in an effort to beat the heat, a wise move on the part of the race director. When Lynne rolled in sometime after 8:30 AM it was still pleasant, particularly when compared to years past.

Last year I ran this race. It was hot and hilly and I was hating life. I had run a half marathon the day before; also hot and hilly. The half and the 10 miler were tough on my body and on my spirit -- my finish times evidenced how Louise was affecting my running. I know, I still did 23 miles in one weekend, but I got spanked.

I had mixed emotions when my friends crossed the start line, I think I always will, but my perspective has improved and I am grateful to be able to act as mascot and cheerleader. In fact, that's what my friends are now calling me and it pleases me greatly.

While my friends were running I used the time to straighten up my car. I tossed old church bulletins, empty water bottles, the McDonald's bag from this morning's breakfast, as well as a few errant bottle caps from some long-ago consumed Magic Hat. Ah, good old Magic Hat!

I also ran across a picture taken by Tam at the Richmond Marathon in 2007. Lynne, Cathy, and I are all together -- I think near the halfway point -- and it looks like we are having the time of our lives. There is a big smile on Cathy's face; Lynn is goofing around with her hands; I am blowing a kiss to the camera. We all look strong and happy and like we are loving life.

The Richmond Marathon was held only weeks after my diagnosis. I was strong and happy and loving life, more so at the end of the race because I ran such a good time. I'm glad I found this picture because it reminds me of a very happy time, despite what I had just learned. I'm going to keep it close at hand.

Imagine me now blowing a kiss to all of you!

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