THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)


What will the rest of the week bring?

Today is Wednesday. It's been a hell of a week already.

I'm supposed to go to court on Monday, the rescheduled date from the original date in June. You may remember the defendant did not show up in June, saying he was out of town, so we had to postpone. Upon leaving the courtroom that day, I called a lawyer who had been referred to me by Lynne. We met, he agreed to take the case, all was right with the world.

There were some e-mail exchanges and phone calls, but nothing unusual. The 24th was on the calendar and everything was proceeding uneventfully.

Yesterday, Tuesday, I thought I would check in just to make sure we were still all set for Monday's big event. I was greeted with some very unhappy news: my attorney had died two days before.

What the fuck.

I expressed my condolences to my attorney's assistant -- sincere apologies, since I have been in her position and know how painful and devastating this is -- then, apologizing for any appearance of insensitivity, asked what I was supposed to do next. She promised to call me the next day.

That would be today. She called with her recommendation. Because of the timing there is a chance that any request for a continuance might not be received and processed in time, so I will head to court by myself and will ask for a continuance when I am called.

I'm a little nervous about this because I do not trust that things will work for me. Thank goodness for my dear friend, Mel -- she has offered to come with me if she's in town. I suspect this offer will be all the catalyst that is required for her trip to be scheduled on Sunday, but I am keeping the faith. Either way, it will be the way it is meant to be and I will dig deep and see it through.

I'm just so tired of this entire situation and want it to be done.

On another note, today has been a very twitchy day. I don't mention the twitching as often as I used to but that does not mean the twitching has stopped. Quite the contrary, I am still the twitching fool I have been these last two years. For the most part I disregard it. But days like today make me batshit crazy.

I feel as though I have been twitching from my nose down my face into my chest and stomach, across my arms, around the walrass, down the back of my legs to my calves. My forearms and biceps twitch so much that sometimes my arms jump.

I'm tired of all this, too. But, it is what it is meant to be, and I must deal with each twitch with grace and dignity. Grace and Dignity have their work cut out for them dealing with stupid Louise.

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