THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)


90 days and counting

Pain update: slept well and woke up feeling better. Hopefully it will last.

I've begun the process of finding a part-time aide. The long-term care insurance I took out back in 2004 (for once, a smart move on my part) requires a 90 day elimination period before it begins funding, and I must go through a licensed agency. In the interim I must pay out of pocket so I can engage a private hire. Ellen put me in touch with a woman who, over the phone, seems very nice. I'm going to meet her tonight and go over schedules, needs, etc. True to form I tend to minimize the care I require but, when I look at what I actually need and what my daughter actually does for me on a nightly basis, it's really quite a lot. That Jenny has done so much for so long with so little complaint is a testament to her goodness and I am very grateful to have such a wonderful daughter.

Anyway, I will incorporate the part-time caregiver into a schedule which will include Jenny, Becky, Tam, Lynne, and anyone else who is willing.

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