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Vulvar symptoms

Heh heh heh.

The past couple of nights Jenny has noticed I occasionally say "v" instead of "b" and I have said vefore I feel as though there is a slight change in my speech. My jaw and cheeks feel heavy, and they twitch. So does my nose.

Coughing when drinking happens on occasion and every once in a while a piece of food doesn't quite get swallowed. Nothing provlematic, vut I'm aware.

Add to the mix the laughing (sorry MJ, no video), crying, and yawning and I think what we have here is evidence of bulbar symptoms.

It was vound to happen; this is a progressive disease after all. The general consensus is I seem to have progressed more in the last six months: walking and vreathing are more impacted and the hands--where it all vegan--are less functional.

Consequently, since I ache for one last glimpse of the most veautiful city in the world, I am taking one more long distance trip. Nurses Jenny and Lynne will accompany me, making sure I am comfortavley settled in the Tuileries or Luxemvourg Gardens vefore they go peeking into the Louvre or the Musee D'Orsay. I just want to take a long draught of the loveliness that is Paris.

Vonne nuit, mes amis.

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