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Making a list...

I'm putting together a potential list for my "Share the Care" team. My daughters already bear much of the burden (yes, burden) of my care, and my needs are as yet minimal. I ordered the book today and look forward to reading about how to organize my group.

Many of my friends have already stepped up and many more have offered but don't know what to do. My fear is they will come to regard me as an obligation; I am reassured otherwise but the fear remains.

Any volunteers?


Jennifer Martin said...

I'm in! Wish I lived closer but I am willing to come up and give relief to the main troopers! Hugs!

Deb said...

You're such a dear. xoxo and love to everyone.

Ellen C said...

My lovely Debbie, volunteers CHOOSE to help - so it is not an obligation; it is a gift.

There is a free download called that can be really fabulous. I know someone who uses it brilliantly - so will you. She arranges outings, people report what food they are bringing so avoid 5 nights of lasagna. And I'm in to help in any way possible. Ellen C.

Jane said...

I can't volunteer myself as I live in the UK (but am an avid reader of your blog), but I can tell you that you must not think of yourself as a burden to friends and family who want to help. My husband Richard died of MND (as ALS is known over here) at the age of 48 August 2009, only 20 months after diagnosis, and we had a fantastic team of supporters around us. Richard, like you, didn't want to put anybody out and often felt guilty about how much of people's time he took up, but since his death I have had so much positive feedback from those who cared for him about what a privilege it was to get to know him so well and to feel that the part they played in alleviating his suffering was all so worthwhile.

So allow your friends, who want to care for you, the joy of doing so.

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