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I recently had my car serviced. This was a big one: the 180,000 mile checkup. In addition to all the other work required at this service appointment, it was suggested I get new tires. This was no surprise given that my tires were 93,000 miles old... the tires before these I didn't replace until I had driven 87,000 miles. I know, most people change their tires much sooner. What can I say -- most of my 180,000 miles are highway miles and my tires were in fairly decent shape, all things considered. In any event, new tires and very comprehensive service later, I drove away $1400 poorer but happy in the knowledge my car was ultra roadworthy.

Now, a very interesting phenomenon has occurred since then. As you know I am ridiculously conscious of the different mileage points on my commute; I can see the Marine Corps Museum as I crest the hill at mile 16.8, and I pass the museum at mile 18.3. My one way commute is 52.4 miles. I am always amazed at the consistency of these numbers. So you can imagine my surprise when I crested the hill on Wednesday and the odometer for this specific marker read 16.6. As I passed the museum, I was at 18.1. When I got home that night I had only driven 51.9 miles. This same thing happened Thursday. Friday the odometer reading was 51.8. It looks like I am logging one mile less per day. At this rate I will drive 20 fewer miles per month. Is this possible? It must have to do with the new tires, don't you think?

I know this seems crazy, but you knew that about me. Right?

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