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Slow and steady

Today's gas mileage: 54.5 mpg. I was able to achieve this because I drove by myself. When I am with my new carpooler I get rather less -- about 44 miles per gallon. Mike does drive faster than I do and having the extra person in the car I think makes a difference. I'm trying very hard not to care about the decreased efficiency of my car and I'm trying to enjoy having another person -- enjoy may be the wrong word, perhaps accept is better -- in the car with me. I very much valued my quiet time in my car both to and from work so this is a bit of an adjustment. Anyway, I drove today and it was heavenly.

I was toddling along this morning, doing my typical 68 to 70 mph, when I came up behind a commuter van that was actually going slower than I was. I decided to pass him and, when I did, I noticed he was behind an unmarked police car who was doing exactly the speed limit. I am not one of those drivers who is afraid to pass a police car if I am doing within the speed limit, unlike so many others who refuse to pass a cop no matter what. So I continued at speed and after a few minutes pulled ahead. There was a commuter bus a little way ahead so I decided to stay in the left lane until I had passed it, too. I was able to see in my rearview mirror that traffic was beginning to back up behind the unmarked car and I was glad I was not in that crowd because it would have driven me crazy! Anyway, I passed the bus and moved back into the right lane. As I approached the mixing bowl there was a sudden onslaught of cars, indicating that the cop had left the highway and everyone else was trying to make up for lost time. Car after car after motorcycle after car came zooming up on the left when all of a sudden I heard something to my right -- a motorcycle was passing me IN MY OWN LANE. He is very lucky I didn't hit him, because I was startled. His license plate said NITROS which I'm sure has some motorcycle meaning but which I believe he must have inhaled before getting on his bike. Having commuted with responsible motorcyclists for a number of years (in a car, not on a motorcycle) I have been privy to some understanding -- albeit academic -- of proper motorcycle conduct.

What is amusing is that I passed Mr. NITROS not long after this incredibly stupid stunt because he, poor fool, was headed to the Pentagon and had to wait in a long line of traffic.

That episode notwithstanding, it was a delightful ride in.

Maddening pain update: still going mad, still in pain, waiting to hear from the doctor.

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