THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)



Last night I dreamt I was in Washington, near the Jefferson Memorial and the Tidal Basin. There are a number of paths around this area, paths I've run more times than I can count. Anyway, I was supposed to meet Jenny to go for a walk with Stella. All of a sudden I realized I was running and it felt so amazingly wonderful -- I was aware of every step and every breath. I felt like I was flying. I saw Jenny and Stella in the distance and ran over to them; I explained that I wanted to continue running as long as I could and asked if she would mind terribly if I met up with them later. Jenny was in full agreement, and she and Stella went for their walk without me.

I ran. My legs were strong. I took big deep breaths. My arms and hands moved like they are supposed to. I ran around the whole Tidal Basin and back up toward the Jefferson, around the front, then back to the paths leading to the steps. It was exhilarating.

I'm happy I can remember how it felt to be so free, so strong. Dreams about running are always welcome.

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